What can I do for seating?

by Kimberly
(Fort Myers, Florida)

Me and my fiance are getting married in his pasture. Its a beautiful big open field,we will have the ceremony and reception in the same spot. We have a 2000 budget, so what can I do for seating and table rentals? They are very expensive! We live in fort myers,Fl. And we are getting married January 5th,2013. Help Please?

Hi Kimberly

There is one very easy way to save money on seating and that is not to have any, or have only a few seats! Instead of a sitdown wedding reception which would look out of place in the middle of a pasture without a lot of pretty wedding decorations you could have a picnic or a bbq.

So, instead of seats you would have picnic rugs, you could even ask your guests to bring their own and their own camping type chairs if they have any. You could even have a seating plan with a family per rug! And have a hamper on each blanket.

If you make the picnic or the bbq look fantastic noone will think it odd that there aren't any chairs.

And yes I have seen this work really well at a state park wedding.

Hope that helps?!

Best wishes


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