What do you "have to have" and what can you do without for a small intimate wedding?

by Kristina Brunson

We are going to be getting married in December close to christmas. My dad has offered to let us have it in his showroom. There are pictures of the showroom at www.audioindulgence.com if you would like to look at the venue.

My aunt is a photographer and will be taking the pictures and is a baker as well and will be making the cake. My father has over 200 chairs and 20 tables so chair and table rentals will not be an expense.

I want to pull this off as cheaply as possible because we are paying for it ourselves. I have a bridal set of rings already so we will just have to buy his ring. We are inviting just family and very close friends. Maybe 75 guests maximum.

Hi Kristina

I love this question! What do you have to have?

Well all you have to have is a marriage licence, and a wedding officiant, plus you will want something to wear and money for your wedding certificate. Everything else could be added into the "It would be nice to have" category.

However with 75 guests coming and a fantastic and fun venue I am sure you will also want a party too!

So you will need some food, drink and maybe entertainment as well.

If you have your reception in the afternoon or early evening then you could have a cocktails and canapes reception which would suit the venue, or an afternoon tea reception. Both avoid you having to cater for a full sit down meal.

If you want to spend a bit more on the food then you could have food stations or buffets of food where your guests can help themselves.

With such a cool venue you could look at making your reception much more of a party than a wedding and have a great time. Plus save some money too!

Would love to hear what you decide on.

Good luck with your plans,


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