What is the cheapest way to have an outdoor wedding in the summer?

We want a simple, low key wedding and reception. No church. Large families means 175-225 guests. Small budget. No frills but nice. Would love to have enough money for a beach destination style wedding but are willing to have outdoor summer wedding in pittsburgh pa. Any help would be great!! Thanks


Bring everything that you love about a beach wedding to your outdoor wedding in Pittsburgh. Relaxed informal wedding receptions are perfect for this, with your guests enjoying the party atmosphere.

With that many guests and your large families there is bound to be a lot of talent that can help you plan and organize your wedding. So the first thing you need to do is ask for help!

Have a look at local parks that allow weddings as you will be amazed at the prices and you save a fortune on decorations by having an outdoor venue.

Think about having a big family picnic or bbq for your theme and get lots of help from your family and friends to help cater for it.

You can create your perfect relaxed wedding by keeping it simple and using your budget on the things that matter to you.

Good luck with your plans.


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