What kind of music do you have for a house wedding?

by janet marchese
(white plains)

We are trying to choose our wedding music, our wedding is at my parents house and they have a lovely home but not sure what kind of music. Want a bit of fun and dancing but have room 14 by 25 would that do DJ?? too small?? also food will be in tent thanks


The size of the space should be fine for dancing - not everyone will dance at the same time. Rather than a DJ have you thought about a band? If you hired a theme band then you could get everyone involved.

A celigh band (Irish) is a great way to get everyone up and having fun plus the music is great, however you may need more space for this kind of music if you wanted to do the set dances, but for fun lively music with everyone tapping their toes even if they couldn't get in to dance you couldn't go far wrong.

Really any kind of folk/ country music from any culture or country will work a treat as it is all about having fun and enjoying the moment.

I have seen jazz bands, Greek bands, Turkish belly dancers, Irish bands, tribute bands and even solo singers.

Think about the kind of music you enjoy and that your families and friends would have a laugh with.

Have a look for local bands that you can see playing at local bars and community clubs and then have a chat to them afterwards. Most bands will be able to reduce the numbers playing to ensure they fit into the space without losing too much of the sound.

Good luck with your plans.

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