Where can I plan a wedding in Toronto, Canada everything included for under 10k



My finacee and I are trying to plan our wedding. It needs to be a kosher vegetarian wedding in Toronto. We are planning on having no more than 150 people. Our parents are paying for our wedding, and everything included should be 10k or less.... We also want our ceremony to be outdoors... please help!!


Hi Sarah

First congratulations! I have had fun finding out about different wedding venues in Toronto and there is such a variety. I have tried to stay away from the more well known venues as they tend to be more expensive and hopefully have come up with some lovely budget alternatives for you.

Rosehill - Unusual venue where you can have your ceremony and the reception, they can hold your numbers. Looks very cool!

Brickworks - Historic venue! I imagine your wedding photos would be stunning here and you could get married outside.

Steamwhistle Brewery - wasn't sure how you would feel about having your reception here but they have got a great space for functions. For an outside wedding ceremony Balfour Park is close by.

All of the venues would need you to bring in your own caterers, they do have ones that they recommend.

Two caterers that I believe would be able to do vegetarian Kosher food are Noble Culinary and Amazing Food Service.

Best of luck putting your wedding plans together.


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