Where do i go to find all the cheapest wedding things and get them fast?

Well we want to have quite a few people there and I want it to be the wedding of my dreams... I am having my sister as my maid of honor and I would like 4 bridesmaids and my fiance is goin to have his brother as his best man and 4 groomsmen. I don't have a dress picked out yet nor do I have any dresses picked out for my girls... my flower girl is goin to be my daughter we don't know who our ring boy is going to be... and our wedding is goin to be in august of this year.. the color dresses I want for my girls is pink my fiance is goin to be in his military uniform ( class A's) and all of his men are going to be in regular tuxs... thats all we have so far.

Wow, getting married next month will mean that you have to be super speedy getting all of your wedding bits and bobs. Thankfully the internet is a useful wedding planning tool and you are able to go shopping when you should be sleeping!

I am presuming that as you have a date for your wedding you have booked your ceremony and your venue, and sent out the invites. If you haven't then that is what you need to do first, that is after setting your budget!

For wedding and bridesmaids dresses your best bet to save money is to have the bridesmaids in your favorite color pink but have them find their own dresses. This will mean that they will have their dresses that they love and that fit with your color scheme. Or you could try and find bridesmaids dresses online that have been worn before - this will save you loads but you would be very lucky to get the right sizes! Make sure you have a dressmaker ready to do alterations.

For your own wedding dress you will save lots of money by also buying a previously worn dress. It would be too risky to go with a wedding dress from overseas as there is the problem that it might not arrive in time. Ebay for wedding dresses is probably going to be your best bet.

Good luck with all of your wedding plans.


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