Where do I start on planning my wedding?

by Britny
(Colorado Springs, CO)

My fiance and I were just planning on getting married at the court house, however I have decided that I would really like a ceramony of some kind. We dont have a lot of money so a cheap ceremony is a must. We live in Colorado which is a beautiful place and we were thinking of having it in February. It would have to be inside due to the cold. So finding a cheap place to have it is a problem. Im not sure yet if either of our families will be here, however we do have friends here that will be there. I was thinking of a royal blue for one of the colors. Please help me!

Hi Britny

Congratulations on your engagement! The first you will need to do is secure your date for February, you will need to have a look at all of the places in Colorado that you could get married withing your wedding budget.

Write down all of the guests that you would like to invite as this is an important factor when you are deciding on your venue. There is no point having a venue too small or too large.

To keep the costs down avoid the popular wedding venues and instead have a look at restaurants, cafes, schools and community halls. Ask your friends if they know a place that would hold your numbers, it could even be their home!

When you have the date for your ceremony booked then you can start arranging everything else.

Think about your budget and the amount that you have left for your wedding reception. There are lots of ways to keep the costs down, here are lots of cheap wedding reception ideas.

Good luck with your plans.


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