Where should I have an inexpensive, small wedding reception with food and drinks?

by Jennifer
(Huntington Beach, CA USA)

I'd like my wedding to be on Monday Sept. 10, 2012 in a small private Catholic church near where we live. Then pictures at the church, followed by pictures at the beach, but what I cant decide is where to go and have the reception? or should I do breakfast, or lunch or dinner and drinks? I want to save money because we dont have much. My total guest list is anywhere between 26 to 35 people, mostly main family and a few friends. All from NYC flying in to South California. Should I go to a simple restaurant with a view by the beach and ocean? or go to Disneyland for dinner, drinks, Mickey Mouse, and party? or rent a small restaurant lounge with deck in a hotel nearby? My family is Spanish they love reunions and to party, my fiancee's family is only 2 people and they're quiet and American-Irish. I dont know what to do!!! and I am doing this all alone, no one is helping us. I got the dress and veil, but where to have the reception is what is worrying me! I dont know what to do. I live in a town where nearby there is much to do but there are no nightclubs or loud partying really. My fiancee says he will get us the cash and do whatever I want for that day. But I am trying to save us money and headaches. I dont want any worries, problems, or drunks, just a happy great celebration and good time with everyone. HELP!!! --- Jennifer S. H.

Hi Jennifer

Don't let choosing your wedding reception venue worry you, think about your budget and the venue you feel will let everyone, including yourselves enjoy one of the happiest days of your life!

Personally I would go with the restaurant with views or the lounge in a local hotel. You really don't need Disney to have a very special day that is all about you two and by the sounds of the guests they will more want to spend time with each other. Try and find a venue that will give you the most amount of time together, a restaurant may want you to leave by the start of dinner service or the hotel may only rent the room for a set amount of hours.

Hope you find what you are looking for and have the best day.

Best wishes

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