Where to hold a late Oct or early Nov wedding?

by Michelle

My daughter, Raechel, and Matt are engaged. She is pregnant, due the end of Feb. 2009. They both graduated high school in June. Matt leaves for the navy tomorrow. He had signed up a little more than a year ago. He will be in basic training for 2 months and then in A-school for 8 months. After he is in A-school for a month, he can request 3-day leave to return breifly to Albany, OR to get married and then return to A-school. They have no money (surprise!) and do not want to get married in a church. Outdoors had been the idea, but with the wedding most likely being in Nov, outdoors would be out of the question. It would be raining too much in Nov to try to chance an outdoors weeding. Nobody has a home big enough to do it indoors. What are other options? I have no clue, as I got married in a chuch and any wedding I have attended has either been at a church or judges chamber. Please help?
Thank you, in advance,
Michelle ............ broke mother of the bride

Hi Michelle!

Wow lots going on at the moment in your family!

Your first point of call will be to arrange the marriage licence, for details on where to do this have a look at Oregon.com

If you are looking for a wedding officiant to perform the ceremony take a look at An Event To Remember as they provide a discount for service personnel in your area!

Next you will need to find a venue. Looking online I have found Flinn Block Hall in downtown Albany, you may already know it. The hall can hold upto 240 seated and the bit I love is that you do your own catering.

Providing the food and drinks yourselves is a huge saving at any wedding, especially if you can get friends and family to help. A buffet works well as your guests can then choose what they would like.

When you are looking for a venue ask around, is there a local school or college, restaurant, community hall or social club that you could hire? What's the local YMCA building like, as you can hire the facilities there. Don't just think hotels and function venues, anywhere within reason can be your marriage venue.

Good luck finding the wedding venue and I hope the links will help start the search.

Best wishes


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