Cheap and Beautiful Backyard Wedding

by Jessica
(New boston,new hampshire)

we are planning on geting married 10-10-10 as it puts us together for 10yrs. we want a beautiful wedding but something not too expensive as we are the ones paying and dont have a lot to spend....

Hi Jessica

Wow, New Hampshire in the Fall will be beautiful. You could look to have the Fall theme for your wedding with all of the beautiful colors.

You have over a year to get your yard looking perfect for the wedding so look to use this time to get any plants and trees looking perfect - call in favours from family and friends for advice and also cuttings from any plants that they have growing in their yards that would work well at yours. A funky way to decorate an empty wall in your yard will be to attach a big piece of material so that you can have all of your photographs in front of it or at least have fun pictures of your guests posing. The material can be whatever you want - patterned or plain.

If your wedding reception is going to go through to the evening then lots of lanterns will add a magical sparkle.

October can be unpredictable with the weather so you may need to have a wedding tent or some sort of cover incase of rain.

To save money with your wedding plans try and do as much yourselves.

Fall wedding invites are fairly easy to put together and I know one couple who collected lots of leaves the Fall before and dried them by pressing them between sheets of newspaper to use on their invites and programs.

Keep the Fall theme with the catering and provide your guests with warming bowls of pumpkin soup with lots of fresh bread. The soup can be kept in soup kettles that you can hire from a local catering hire company and the fresh bread can come straight from a local bakers - go in and talk to them about how much you will need and order it before!

Your wedding cake can be a store bought cake decorated with Fall leaves - you can buy marzipan leaves in various colors that look perfect decorating a wedding cake.

Drinks can be big bowls of punch, with wine and beer and a sparkling wine for the toast, buy these from a local store that does free glass hire for your event - again try to book this early so that you get the glasses as this will save you.

If you want to do favors then chocolate leaves, mini pumpkin cakes, leaf soaps are all fairly cheap and fit with the theme.

Start looking for your wedding dress now so that you don't have to buy a more expensive dress in a rush, a number of shops have a sale on at the moment so that they can make room for next season's collection, plus the economy is making lots of companies more open to negotiation. All good when you are planning a cheap wedding.

Don't forget all the legal stuff - officiant and any legal documents you may need to ensure you can get married on the 10/10/10!

Have a great time planning your big day.

Suz x

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