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Cheap men's wedding rings are almost a necessity - you would not believe how many will lose them, to spend a fortune would be silly.

Not all men are used to wearing rings so when they go to try them on they quite often go with the one that feels the most comfortable, in other words the one that is too big.

I speak from experience, my husband managed to lose his at the airport on our honeymoon and talking with friends reveals that nearly half of the men have had their wedding rings replaced at some point. Plus we have recently had to buy him another replacement. This time we went for Titanium.

Men haven't always worn wedding rings, it became popular during the Second World War when husbands wanted to have something to remind them of their wives back home.

The good news is that due to the internet you can now buy some very good quality and strong wedding rings, the choice is fantastic and there will be a ring to suit your husband's style and the prices are very reasonable.

Two of the best places to look online are Amazon and Ebay, their prices are cheap, or if you want a more unique ring then you have to have a look at the wedding rings available on Etsy.

It is also worth looking at vintage wedding rings from local antiques market, make sure you get what you pay for by looking at our antique wedding rings guide.

Keep the ring simple and it will not date and think about the material that the ring is made from, if your husband works with his hands you will want the ring to be strong. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Wood, Steel and even leather can all be made into wedding rings.

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