How can i have a wedding that wont brake my bank and still have money for a honeymoon?

by Cristina
(Metairie , l..a.)

I would like to get married somewhere local, but with my money issue being its just me and my fiancee and my 6 yr. old daughter. Paying rent and bills with the economy now a days its very hard to try to plan a nice wedding with the services we can afford. Just to have that perfect wedding is not in my vocabulary I can only say I can have dreams but in this world, dreams never came true to people like me. For some like me thats dedicated to my job and my family.

Thanks sincerly,
Cristina M. Spencer

Hi Cristina

Dreams can come true, you have found your perfect man and now is the time to plan your perfect wedding! True if you were dreaming of a wedding for 300 people in the best hotel in town that might not be possible on a budget. Instead think about what is important to you both to make the perfect wedding.

Is it the location? Then enquire how much a wedding would cost during the week or for a smaller number, or just for a beautiful and intimate lunchtime reception.

Is it the dress? Then find your perfect dress and then find it cheaper online, have a look at our cheap wedding dress guide for useful tips.

Is it the number of friends and family? Then look to hold a great wedding party in someone's backyard (the biggest wedding trend this year), or at a local park. You can do the catering yourselves; a picnic or barbeque theme are great for fun informal weddings.

Whatever it is that is important to you, you can find a cheaper alternative. Work out your budget, get as many friends and family as you can to help you and you will have the perfect wedding day.

Let me know if there is something specific you need help with.

Good luck


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Apr 30, 2009
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