How can I plan a wonderful wedding for $2000?

Our wedding will be on May 16th, 2009. Probably, around sunset. I am still waiting to hear how much it will cost to have the wedding at the local aquarium, but I think I want it on the beach. My brother is making our cake. I am doing a shrimp boil (corn, poatoes, and shrimp) for the food. I will print my own invitations. I have my dress picked out, but not purchased.

My dress is going to cost $350 (not including veil, and accessories)

I have to get the ring that goes with the engagement ring, because it is a claugdah, and no other band will fit with it. That is $500.

My husbands Aunt is going to buy his ring for him.

I want daffodils as the flowers.

I will have 3 bridesmaids, and 3 groomsmen.

I REALLY need help getting the planning together for this wedding. I'm really at a loss. PLEASE HELP! I'll love you forever! :-)


Hi Jen

You are doing great! It sounds like you are more organised than you think.

For peace of mind take a look at my planning checklist which walks you through your day to ensure you don't forget anything.

Going through your plans the beach sounds perfect and will probably be a lot cheaper than the aquarium - though that does sound cool! The great thing about a beach wedding is that it doesn't need much decorating and as long as the weather will be ok you can have your reception on the beach too.

Have a look out for cheap blankets and ask everyone to bring one too, that way you have the guests seating sorted! You may need some deckchairs if you have older relatives coming.

You will need to check with the local authorities incase there are any restrictions on the beach.

If you have a beach theme for your invitations you can buy lots of beach themed bits from craft shops. You could use a stamp to create a simple shell design on the front or use clipart through your computer. You could then paint the design with water colors to give an extra romantic look to your invite. Or keep your invites simple by using the colors of your wedding. Yellow is a lovely color to include. Think about your design now and maybe start making them so that it isn't a rush.

Daffodils are lovely Spring flowers and where I live they are very abundant around Easter, it would be a good idea to talk to your local florist to get an idea of how available they will be for you. You may need a back up yellow flower. Do you know anyone that can put together your bouquets for you? Daffodils are quite hardy flowers and would look great bunched together and then the stems wrapped with ribbon, I find taping them to keep them in place and then wrapping the ribbon works for me - please practice this before the day!

3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen, to keep costs down I would look at having more relaxed outfits for both, choose the color that you want them - possibly not yellow as this doesn't suit everyone, blue or green is good to fit with your flowers and ask the girls to choose outfits in that color that suit them. This way their dresses won't be the same but they will all look beautiful and will probably wear them again. The groomsmen could wear their own suit and then have them co-ordinated by having the same tie, or keep it more informal with chinos or similar and a white shirt.

For the veil and accessories for your dress see if you can borrow them from family and friends, they would love that you are wearing something that was special to them as well.

Think about how you are going to serve the food to your guests, possibly hire the bowls and cutlery or have disposable. You will need a table to serve the food from and also to display your cake. I was at a wedding this month where we were served soup as our meal, a number of the wedding party - men and women were serving the meal and then others cleared away. It worked really well and the soup was gorgeous, served with lots of crusty bread - yum.

With all your plans make sure you have a spreadsheet keeping account of everything you spend so that you can stick to the $2000 - it is completely possible to have the perfect wedding for this amount.

Good luck with everything


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