How do I handle entering the ceremony/reception room?

by linda
(Mansfield, TX)

We are having a small wedding/reception at a community center. It's one big room with a small kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Is it OK to already be dressed and in room when guest arrive. I do not have anywhere to dress or hide until ceremony. My daughters are giving me away, so we thought we could have them walk groom to front and then me?? We're planning on having chairs in rows for ceremony and then move them to tables for reception while we are taking pics. Don't know how to handle music since I can't afford a DJ. Just don't want this to look white trashy...

Hi Linda

Your wedding will not be trashy, it sounds like it will be perfect and having your daughters give you away sounds lovely.

You could time your arrival to the venue once the guests are all seated - this is just as it would be if you were getting married in a church, and then you and your daughters can make a grand entrance! Do you have someone that could drive you to the venue with your daughters? That would be the most traditional way and also would work with your daughters giving you away.

You could also both arrive together and walk down the aisle together.

Or you could all be together welcoming your guests before the ceremony.

When it comes to music lots of couples are using their mp3 players and have the music in the order they want it ready to play. You will need speakers for this which maybe your venue already has?

Rather than trying to have a disco after your meal maybe you could look at having some fun puzzles and games for everyone to play. You could have a quiz all about you both - where you met, when you met, where did you have your first date etc.

Here are some other wedding games that are also great cheap wedding centerpiece ideas.

Have fun with all of your wedding plans.


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