I don't know if I should have wedding programs or not?

by L
(Houston, TX)

We are expecting about 100-120 people at our wedding. It will be a short 20 minute ceremony or so and I am not sure if we should provide programs. It's definitely something where we can save money but I don't think I've been to a wedding where they weren't provided, whether it was a 100 guest wedding or a 300 guest wedding. We are having 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen, 3 jr bridesmaids and 1 jr groomsmen. It's sort of stressing me out to think about it, how to create them, what to put in them etc. so I would like to know an opinion or recommendation. Our wedding is a short afternoon wedding, it will be on April 3, 2010, it begins at 1pm then a 20min or so ceremony, and then the reception will last until 4pm. Our wedding is at a place where they have a chapel connected with the reception facility. The facility price included everything (DJ, minister, chapel, food, cake, etc) but photography and flowers. Please let me know what you think.

Hi L

You don't have to have wedding programs, there is no rule one way or the other.

Your ceremony sounds as if it will be simple and therefore you are not needing to explain parts of your ceremony to your guests, which would be one reason to have a program.

The other reason for having a program would be to name your wedding party, but if your guests already know your wedding party then this would not be important.

My feeling would be not to have them but if you do want wedding programs then it would be worth looking at this article on cheap wedding programs.

Good luck working out what is best for you!

Best wishes


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