Small But Elegant Cheap Wedding Venue In Philadelphia

by dionne
(phila pa usa)

In search of a place to have my wedding reception for 20, catering and set up need be included.

We would like to have servers.

Date set for feb 21 2015.

We've been together 24 years so small but elegant. Cost is on a bucket.

Hi Dione

Congratulations on your wedding next year, 24 years is a fantastic time to have been together.

With the numbers that you are talking you will want a small and intimate venue.

You talk about having the set up, catering and service included in the price and the best way you can have that is to use a local restaurant.

In my experience that best places are the ones that are only open in the evening, that way you can have the restaurant to yourselves all day.

Or have a look at community centers and venues with private rooms. Here is a fantastic list of cheaper wedding venues in Philadelphia.

Good luck finding the perfect place for your celebrations.


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