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There has been a lot of talk online recently about the latest 2014 wedding trends, all very interesting and filled with lots of photos of dream weddings.

So many gorgeous photos that I am sure I have lost days looking at them! Seriously Pinterest must have a time warp programmed in, otherwise how else can you explain that hours are lost and my coffee is cold?

Anyway, the more I look at these photos and learn that this year’s Pantene color is radiant orchid (which is a kind of dark pink), the more I realize that there are so many contradictions to the trends, that I am not sure anyone really knows what real life 2014 wedding trends will be and I am no wiser.

However what I do know from my daily chats with Budget B2Bs (brides to be) is that they are being clever with their wedding budget. We are talking budgets of hundreds and not thousands being the norm, thank goodness.

2014 Real Life Budget Wedding Trends

  • Vintage trends are predicted to still continue – which vintage however is up for debate.
  • The film Frozen has at the moment, inspired real-life brides to glitter up a lot of their wedding items – we are talking glittery shoes, invitations and I am seeing a lot of glittered wine glasses. You so know there is going to be a messy how to guide soon ;-)
  • Fresh flowers are being replaced with artificial bouquets – mainly with foam flowers and are quite often looked to be sold after.
  • Most brides are making their own centerpieces with craft items and very few flowers. Hearts, birdcages and jars with candles are popular, plus they are cheaper than traditional centerpieces!
  • Candy carts or buffets are very popular for wedding favors and the DIY option will save money.
  • Lots of B2B are shopping in their local dollar stores, pound stores, 99p and 99c stores for their wedding decorations.

When it comes to planning your own day it is definately worth remembering that every wedding is different and unique, and how ever much you do or don't spend it will be very special day for you.

Looking forward to hearing all about your own wedding plans for 2014, keep in touch on our facebook page or leave a comment below.

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