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Wedding Ring Size

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If you are looking to save money and buy your wedding ring online then you need to know your size.

Simple you would think?

Not that easy I found out when I came to buy my husband's replacement wedding ring online. I ended up buying a ring that was the size of a curtain ring, oops.

Thankfully I came across this easy way to measure your finger so you don't have the same problem I did.

Printable Wedding Ring Sizer

free printable wedding ring sizer

Start by printing out this wedding ring sizer. and cut out the measure.

Then follow the instructions on how to wrap it around your finger and see the size you will need for your husband and your wedding rings. Eek! That makes everything sound so real when you start talking about your husband.

Sorry, got distracted.

When you have your sizes you can start to shop online as there are lots of great deals and cheap wedding rings.

If you are in any way uncertain as to the size please make sure you check at a local jewelers.

US and UK Wedding Ring Sizes

When you shop online for your wedding ring you will find that sizes can be quoted in numbers and letters.

The numbers are the US size and the letters are the UK sizes, the chart below will help you know the size to look for.

US Size

UK Size

1 3/4 

2 1/4 

2 3/4 

3 1/4 

3 3/4 

 4 1/4 

 4 3/4 

5 1/4 

 5 1/2 


6 1/2 

7 1/2 

8 1/2 

8 3/4 

9 1/2 

9 3/4 

10 1/4 

10 3/4 

11 1/4 

11 3/4 

12 1/4 

12 3/4 

























Now you can start having a look at the wedding rings you like the best.

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